Alice, Aces & Birthday Decals – PFR

Provided for Review

For today’s post I’m here with some decals from the Born Pretty Store.  These were included in the package I was provided for review.  The item link can be found here.  This was actually my first time using decals, so I was surprised at how easy it was.  I only messed up once, when I had left the decal in the water for too long and it slid off to the bottom of the bowl, lol.

Application is easy peasy – cut the decal you want, remove the plastic cover & soak in water (warm speeds up the process).  Slide the decal off, place on the nail and then cover with top coat.  Since the decals lay flat on any shaped nail (including my weird curved ones), there’s no raised surfaces.  This definitely makes me wish I had tried decals earlier.

At any rate, on to the review!


The first sheet was based off Alice in Wonderland – I used the bunny, Alice, keyhole & key along with the full pattern on my ring finger.  I used these over a base of one of Serum No. 5’s new soft jelly shades from Part One of SS2015.


Here’s a glow shot of it as well.  In the morning I asked my husband if he knew the ‘theme’ of the decals and he nailed the answer of Alice in Wonderland.  He said Alice running away from the rabbit was a dead giveaway, lol.  The thumb shot is actually from the second sheet, which has a separate review below20150420_053356000_iOS

Up next is the Cards themed sheet.  The sheet is full of decals based of Cards – think poker.  I used the same type of decal on all four fingers, to give a uniform look.  Again, I used a base of Serum No. 5 for some extra fun.  The gold dots are from a random Julep polish I found at my parents’ house – I guess I left it there as an “emergency polish.” LOL  I loved the look of this and wish I hadn’t smeared the dots by applying top coat too early.  Luckily it’s only more noticeable by looking up close, like the macro shot.  And of course, an obligatory glow shot as well.


Last for this set is the prim & proper sheet – kinda reminds me of a dapper Mad Men type of theme.  I used this set on my husband’s birthday as a nod to his love of funky bow ties & neck ties.  Plus he actually has a handlebar mustache, so this was as hipster as my nails will get, lol.  This was the first one I did, so you can see that I actually did a couple nails wrong by applying the decal upside down, lol.


You can purchase these items with a 10% discount by using the code ALEMX31 😉


Floral Spring Decal (PFR)

Provided for Review

The second item from my BPS review – and my favorite one from them all!  These decals, found here, in pattern QJ-031, were super easy to work with, and I actually kept this mani on for almost a week.  This super soft spring look (especially on my new nail shape – eep!) is probably the most ‘feminine’ thing I’ve had, and really loved, lol.

Here’s the stock photo from BPS’ website of the sheet

I took the huge pattern and cut a few chunks out to adhere to the nail.  I placed this over one of Serum No. 5’s new SS2015 soft shades.

Here are some macro shots of each nail …




The whole thing …


And of course an obligatory glow shot!


You can purchase this item at a discount (10%) by using the code ALEMX31.


Mel learns to stamp (PFR)

  Provided for Review

 For this post, I learned how to stamp.  Now, I’ve had stampers, plates & all that jazz for a while.  But seriously, even with the creative stamper I bought a couple months ago, couldn’t get anything right.

But then when I received this plate from the Born Pretty Store, I’d have to figure it out, lol.


First up is the retro pattern quarter & the squiggly line quarter – I couldn’t get the whole image off, but I’m certain that this is a user error, not a plate error.  After many tries, and a lot of rolling the stamper instead of pressing, I was lucky to get some usable images.

This is over Pipe Dream Polish base and stamped with Rica’s Whiteout.  I didn’t realize till the macros that I probably didn’t wait long enough before topcoating, or I dragged the brush.


Second up is the floral quarter of the plate – I got a bit better at getting the image and didn’t smear the design with topcoat this time, lol.


Last is my favorite quarter of this plate, it’s like a hieroglyph inspired designs.


You can purchase this plate from the Born Pretty Store and receive 10% off by using the promo code, ALEMX31.